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What is a Secular Institute ?

Secular Institutes represent a new form of consecrated life within the Church. The men and women who belong to these groups choose to live the Gospel in the midst of our contemporary world by making lasting and formal commitments. By their presence and

their work, these members contribute to the transformation of the world from within in the manner of a leaven by translating the living strengths of the Gospel into daily deeds and gestures and by adopting the attitudes of Jesus as much as possible.

Most of them are laypersons, but there are also clergymen. They usually live alone or in small Christian communities and they carry out their profession or their trade according to their skills and aptitudes in milieus that are most diverse.

This type of commitment, often very discreet, has been recognized in the Catholic Church since 1947. Today there are approximately 180 secular institutes with a total of approximately 50,000 members spread throughout all the continents.




Conférence canadienne des instituts séculiers

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